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Software Platform

GoLightly's community software gives you powerful enterprise-level capabilities, and puts the latest online networking and communication tools into the hands of your constituents. As a fully integrated and robust suite of Web2.0 tools, GoLightly provides you with a platform to grow with so you won't have to work with multiple vendors as you want to add more tools.

GoLightly's software platform includes:

  • Personal and Group Blogs: Give your staff and members an online voice to express themselves and add richness to your community.
  • Bulletin Boards / Forums: Let members support each other by providing a place for answers to common questions on a wide variety of topics.
  • Groups & Listservs: Members can easily create, categorize and lead workgroups or interest groups, and communicate and collaborate using group email lists, resource libraries, and wiki notepads.
  • Archived Email: Easily start and manage an unlimited number of email and discussion lists, which can be targeted by workgroups, region, or other criteria.
  • Tagging & Tag Clouds: Considered by many to be the "poster child" of Web 2.0 technologies, tagging allows your participants to highlight and make content easy to find.
  • Library & Photos: Shared libraries provide a space to upload and easily find and download files, links, stories, book reviews, etc. Members can rate library items, and browse the latest submissions.
  • Maps: See your members wherever they are in the world on an integrated map.
  • Video (Private YouTube): Store and organize training or other videos relevant to all or some of your constituents. Keep sensitive video announcements or informational videos visible to members only.
  • Data Integration: Leverage your existing data assets by connecting GoLightly to existing employee, partner, or member website portals. GoLightly has extensive experience retrieving and sharing information with existing databases.
  • Single Sign On Integration: Allowing your constituents to move from web tool to web tool using the same authentication method for each tool prevents frustration. Easy to use web tools are used more often, and with more user satisfaction. Centralized authentication also increases your organization's control. GoLightly has integrated with several existing systems, and can do custom authentication integration for you.
  • Administrative Tools: Reports summarize daily, weekly, and monthly usage by tool, group, and user. Easy to use content management editing allows editors to customize any language item on any page. Member management tools let you identify the deep interests of any particular member, or trends of usage across your entire membership. Over 50 security settings allow you to expose or hide content, and allow or disallow access to each area of GoLightly.
  • Community Home Page: Keep your community home page current with fresh content, updates, and announcements.
  • My Page: Personalized pages allow members to create their own profiles, complete with photo, bio, privacy and permission settings, email preferences, and workgroups.
  • Wiki Notepads: "Wiki's" are a great tool for shared work spaces, to-do lists, project management, document creation, and more.
  • API: GoLightly's APIs provide you with additional ways to control and access the data stored for you by GoLightly.
  • Security: Through regular monitoring and third-party testing, GoLightly is always guarding your data.

GoLightly Helps Your IT Department

Software services, i.e., software accessed via the Internet through an Application Service Provider (ASP), allow you to focus on your core mission, while leaving software development, maintenance and management to the ASP. The benefits of the ASP model include:

  • The system is available 24/7, anywhere, by anyone with an internet connection
  • No extra work required by your IT Department
  • No hardware requirements
  • No worries about software development, system upgrades, security, email blacklisting, backups, or scalability
  • The ASP vendor specializes in developing online community features and functions, which become automatically available to you as they go online
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