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GoFREE. GoLightly's Social Networking for Associations provides your organization with a private place for your members to interact and learn from each other. GoFREE Social Networking Includes Google Maps, your logo with brand templates, and more. Order Now
Member Profiles & Directory. Search and sort members, rich bio and profile photo, add custom fields and tags, show on map.
Why Member Profiles & Directory? Help members and staff follow up after conferences and get to know each other.
Email Listservs. Still the most powerful online communication tool.
Why Email Listservs? Best for targeting your communications to those who most want to receive them.
Mobile. GoLightly Mobile lets you stay connected to your network even when your computer is nowhere in sight.
Why Mobile? Great for browsing, searching and quick replies.
Workgroups. Each workgroup has powerful collaboration tools, including its own home page, Facebook-style news feed, listserv, participant directory, privacy settings, Google map, and depending on the modules you purchase, can also have full-featured library, calendar, forum, blog and wiki.
Why Workgroups? Collaborate within committee, chapter, region, or interest group.

We also offer the following Add-On Modules (see Pricing):

Libraries. Allow participants to share any type (upload, download, rate, and comment).
Why Libraries? Content is stored in one central place and available to your members and committees over time.
Calendars. Allows participants to manage tasks and event information. Easily view event locations on an integrated map.
Why Calendars? An efficient way to keep track of what’s going on, when, and where.
Forums. Message boards foster a free flow of information, in the form of comments, announcements, questions, and replies.
Why Forums? Allow members with questions to easily connect with those who have the answers.
Wikis. Similar to Wikipedia, group members contribute to shared webpages.
Why Wikis? Allow for direct collaboration — e.g., a speech, glossary, help files, or mission statement.
Individual & Group Blogs. Individual and shared Group blogs allow on-line journals where members and groups post ideas and announcements.
Why Blogs? Great for individual and group expression and dialogue. Bloggers often become your biggest advocates.
Integration with iMIS. As the official provider of Social Networking for iMIS for Advanced Solution International (ASI), you won't find a more feature-rich integration any where else.
Why Integration? Keep the member information in your Social Network tightly linked with your master database.

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