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Susan E. August 28th, 2007 03:35 PM

Can I use the Invite Friends feature on a "closed" site?
Even if your site is "closed" it may still allow registration of new members. If so, the "Invite Friends" link appears on most site pages. The "Invite Friends" link does not appear on "closed" sites that do not allow registration of new members.

On closed sites that allow new members, if someone uses "Invite Friends" to invite their friend Jean to join, then Jean will get an email with a link to the registration/sign in page. When Jean clicks on "Register Now" she is taken to the Agreement page. On this page, she is asked for the Community Passcode (which needs to be gotten from a site Administrator). If she doesn't have the passcode, that page also tells her where to email to get it.

This is the point where the potential member is "vetted". The Admin can either give Jean the passcode or not, depending on your Community's membership policies.

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