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Default Community Branding: What GoLightly Needs to Start Website Development

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One of the first deployment tasks is to create branding for your new online community. The following is a checklist of what GoLightly needs in order to implement (i.e., build in HTML and CSS) your community branding. Our goal is to create a beautiful web site that honors your brand within the 8 hours of web development provided by the Gold Deployment package.

See also: Design Guidelines & Matching Existing Website (for Professional Web Designers and Developers)

Branding Decisions Checklist

  1. Should we match the branding of your public site?
  2. Are you in the process of changing your public site's branding?
  3. Please provide screen shot (or web address) of the site you would like us to emulate, or even better, a treatment of your brand specifically for the community (see "Design Guidelines" link above for more details) prepared by your designer
  4. Is your public site fixed width, and does it need to remain fixed width? If your fixed width site is less than 980px wide, certain pages may require the header to expand to allow for wider content.
  5. We recommend that you do NOT include your public site's navigation at the top of your community, but instead include a link back to the public site in the header. Please let us know if you would like to include your public site's navigation.
    • Note: If your public site does not use navigation across the top of the site (i.e., uses side navigation), we may need to implement your community without your public site's navigation built in.
  6. Is there a natural place for the community top navigation? (i.e., "Welcome", "My Page", "People", "Groups", etc.)
  7. Due to the need for an "account management" navigation area (i.e., "Email Settings", "My Groups", etc.), we may not be able to replicate all items in your community top navigation. These items might include:
    • Site search
    • Login Buttons
    • Note: Due to the challenge of implementing and maintaining your public site drop-downs on the community, we do not replicate public site drop-downs. If your design requires this, we can discuss this as a separate work order. Your web developer can also add the drop-downs because we provide you with access to parts of the HTML and CSS.
  8. We typically use drop-downs for secondary community navigation underneath the community tabs. Would you prefer a fixed secondary navigation that changes depending on the community section you are in?
  9. By default we emulate the footer of your public site. Please let us know if you would like a different site footer.
  10. Your GoLightly project manager will provide you with a summary of these items and the decisions you have made. As soon as you confirm that we understand your desires, our web developer can create the branding for your community!

Reviewing Your Designs and Design Assets

  • If you are in the process of redesign, has this new design been approved and built on a staging site?
  • If built on a staging site, can we have access?
  • When is the go-live date?
  • Is the top navigation the same on the home page and on deeper pages within the site?
  • Does your top navigation have an "at state"?

See also:

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