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In order to properly control access to your social network, the people who should have access to your social network need to be identified from your iMIS database. We identify these people with a View called "SocialNetworkAllowView" (sometimes referred to as "SocialNetworkAllow").

View Creation
When you create this View/query, it should return the field "Id" for everyone you would like allowed in the community (including staff, board members, volunteers, members).

Sample View 1:
CREATE VIEW SocialNetworkAllowView as

Sample View 2:
CREATE VIEW SocialNetworkAllowView as
FROM Name, Demo1
Name.MEMBER_TYPE in ('AG', 'CG', 'CDMNC', 'STAFF', 'EG', 'LG', 'PG') AND
Name.EMAIL <> '' AND
Demo1.EXP_DATE >= getdate()

Ongoing Maintenance
Once the SocialNetworkAllowView is created and the bridge installation is complete, some members who have signed into your social network may "drop off" this View, and thus no longer be able to get into your community. This can happen because their membership has expired, or for some other reason. When a member is no longer included on the SocialNetworkAllowView, they will receive a message that says: "Your account has been suspended. Please contact us with any questions."

If you are the community manager and receive an inquiry from a member regarding why their social network account has been suspended, follow these steps to confirm that the person has dropped off the SocialNetworkAllowView:
  1. Find the person's profile in the Social Network
  2. Go to the person's "Edit Profile" page and copy their iMIS ID (is underneath their name in "Basic Directory Info")
  3. Click on Admin Tools (usually underneath your name in the upper right corner)
  4. In the left navigation visit "Import iMIS Profiles"
  5. "show" the Special Tools
  6. One of the Special Tools is "To check to see if a particular iMIS ID is in the SocialNetworkAllow". Enter the iMIS ID in the form box and click "Retrieve".
  7. You will be taken to a report that tells you whether this ID is in the "SocialNetworkAllowView".
Once you have confirmed that the person is not on the SocialNetworkAllowView, you will need to ask your internal IT staff or your Solution Provider to find out why the person's iMIS ID is not on this View any more.

See also Group Synchronization: How do I add participants from iMIS?

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