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The following steps represent a [typical] implementation process and denotes who needs to perform them, what the task is and and an estimate of how long it usually takes to perform the task. Note: if your dependencies are expedited, then the timing can be compressed.

1. Kick-off meeting:
What: Review Deployment Project Plan: Discuss goals for the community, timing goals, deliverables and answers to customer specific questions
Who: GoLightly's Project Manager, your Project Manager and all of your management team who will be involved with the community.
Timing Estimate: Week 1 (The call runs about an hour.)

2. Finalize and Point the Domain
What: Once a community domain address is established, you will want to point it to our servers. Detailed instructions can be found here: http://www.golightly.com/vb/showthread.php?t=114
Who: A technical resource on the client side
Timing Estimate: Week 1

3. Engagement Strategy Design
What: This meeting will walk you through the steps of gathering information, setting goals, and evaluating resources to make your private social network a success when it goes live. Once you have chosen an area of focus, GoLightly will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to maximize your organization’s success.
Who: Team involved with social media design and community administrators
Timing Estimate: Week 1

4. Branding and Style Proposal
What: This is the community page design. We have a standard template that we ask the client to align with (unless a custom page is required). A detailed design specification can be found here:
Who: A design resource on the client side
Timing Estimate: Week 2

5. iMIS Bridge Implementation conference call [If applicable]
What: On this call we will review the Bridge Deployment Checklist and answer any questions that may arise; and we confirm timing for bridge implementation completion. The following information is useful in helping to identify what will need to happen:
Preparing for Bridge Deployment Planning Call
iMIS Bridge: Deployment Installation Tasks
Who: GoLightly will lead the planning call and attendees typically include your "Community Manager" and a technical resource that works with iMIS. The Solution Provider is also included.
Timing Estimate: Week 2

6. Test link distributed for review
What: This is your first opportunity to review the community network.
Who: GoLightly will issue a temporary GoLightly login, but NOT have the bridge implemented yet.
Timing Estimate: Week 3

7. Bridge completion [If applicable]
What: Bridge Installation completed
Who: GoLightly and the client's tech or Service Provider
Timing Estimate: Week 3

8. Training
What: The 1st meeting is a Community Administrator Training (1.5 hrs.)
and the 2nd meeting is a community Moderator Training (1.5 hrs.)
We also recommend that you attend our Webinar: "10 tactics for Building an online community"
FAQ: http://www.golightly.com/vb/forumdisplay.php?f=22
Best Practices: http://www.golightly.com/vb/forumdisplay.php?f=5
Who: GoLightly will schedule and facilitate 2 training meetings.
Timing Estimate: Week 3

9. Final acceptance and sign off
What: Review the site design and configurations and sign off
Who: The client
Timing Estimate: Week 4

10. Final Testing
What: Final QA testing. This is the time to flag anything prior to Beta deployment
Who:GoLightly as well as the Client
Timing Estimate: Week 4

11. Beta Launch
What: It is advisable to have a Beta group of users that can help with feedback and/or have an opportunity to see if a bug surfaces, or if there are any final changes that should be put in place prior to a full launch.
Who: The Client
Timing Estimate: Week 4

12. Launch to Community Members
What: Full launch to all invited members
Who: The Client
Timing Estimate: Week 4 and beyond...

Next steps:

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