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What is it?
The Social Networking for software bridge includes web services, documentation, and implementation strategies to allow the GoLightly platform to seamlessly integrate with .

  • Authentication. Members can sign into Social Networking for using their existing credentials.
  • Single, Unified Sign-in. Members don't need to sign in separately to access Social Networking for . When visiting your Social Network, they will either be let in automatically if already signed in at your existing member's site, or asked to sign in at your existing sign in page.
  • Unified Profile Data. Members can update their existing profile using either their existing profile page or the Social Networking for edit pages (depending on Associations desires)
  • Auto-Population of Social Network. Your existing membership and new members can be preloaded into the Social Network automatically, based on configuration options you choose.
  • Group Reflection. The integration bridge allows membership in a community group (the basic unit that defines each email list) to be reflected in and vice versa. Group types include Committees, Events, Subscriptions and dynamic groups defined by iQA query. Group membership updates happen frequently throughout the day.
  • Activities. Find out what your members care about. The activity of each member is passed back to automatically and stored as an activity that can be viewed and reported on.

GoLightly will provide you installation instructions that you or your solution provider can use. Installation should require less than 5 hours of your Staff & Solution Provider's to complete.

  • Works with 10.6, 15, and 20
  • Works with eSeries, 15 Public Views, and custom login methods already in use at your organization.
  • Uses high performance, secure, web services to synchronize information between and GoLightly. These iMIS web services are provided by ASI, and include all necessary iBO licensing ( Business Objects) required

  • Requires 10.6, 15, or 20
  • SOA Web Services installation using the .NET 3.5 Framework (or greater) on your server
  • .NET 3.5 Framework requires Windows Server 2003 or newer
  • Domain name that points to your server
  • Secure SSL certificate installed on your server's IIS web server (this certificate must be publicly signed -- self-signed certificates not accepted)
  • Your firewall should allow port 80 and port 443 traffic to connect to IIS running on your server
  • IIS compression enabled on iMIS server is recommended
  • For 15, Public Named Users and a Public Views license are required
  • For 10.6, an e-series license is required
  • Authentication page (provided) must be installed on the machine running your member login page
  • Your member login process must support a "return URL" variable that redirects visitor to an external URL following authentication
  • If you would like to allow your members to edit their profile, you should have a way for your member's to do that from your existing web site
  • "Allow into Social Network" query needs to be added to using iQA or a View
  • Casual User account with Customers (or Membership) set to "3" and Events to "1". (The Casual User license is included with your Social Networking for Bridge license.) All other Authorization Levels can be set to "0".

See also, Preparing for Bridge Deployment call.
See also, Bridge Installation Tasks.
See also, Bridge Installation Troubleshooting.
See also, SocialNetworkAllowView: Who should be allowed into your community.

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