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This Learning Center entry is intended to help you determine who should be part of the Bridge Deployment planning call for your community. One of the steps in the deployment of your Online Community is to have a "Bridge Deployment call". This call will be scheduled after the initial Deployment Planning call, and is an opportunity for our technical team to go through many technical details with your IT team.

GoLightly and ASI have created a bridge connecting Social Networking for to your database. For this bridge to work, your IT staff (or your solution provider) must install the SOA/Web Services module so that GoLightly can connect to your database. We estimate that an authorized Solution Provider should not need more than 5 billable hours to perform all of these tasks. Your organization is responsible for making arrangements with your Solution Provider for these billable hours.

Bridge Installation Requirements
Please verify that all of the requirements described at the bottom of the following Learning Center entry are satisfied: http://www.golightly.com/vb/showthread.php?t=142

IT Staff Needed on Bridge Deployment call
To help identify who needs to be part of the bridge installation, we have prepared the following questions. These questions will help you identify who should be on the Bridge Deployment call. PLEASE NOTE: Having the staff required to complete all of these tasks on the Bridge Deployment call will save you time and money, and ensure a timely and accurate implementation.
  • Who can run an installer that configures the IIS web server on your server?
  • Who can install an SSL certificate on the IIS web server on your server?
  • Who can open the 80 and 443 ports in your firewall to allow access to the web services installed on your server?
  • Who can create a restricted account within that web services can use?
  • Who can create a View or iQA query within ?
  • Who can place an .aspx file on the server powering your member login page?
For a complete listing of the typical installation tasks, please see this Learning Center entry:

Verification and Problem Solving
Once your staff or Solution Provider has performed all of the above installation tasks, we will verify the following:
  1. Is iMIS SOA Web Services returning a proper WSDL file?
  2. Is the secure certificate purchased and installed for the web services URL?
  3. Does your firewall allow port 80 and port 443 access to the web services URL?
  4. Is SocialNetworkSingleSignOn.aspx in place and responding?
Once these four items are verified, you can schedule a Bridge Troubleshooting call with GoLightly (up to 1 hour included with most deployments) to work through any remaining issues. PLEASE NOTE: Administrator training cannot be completed until the bridge is verified and functional.

See also, Bridge Installation Troubleshooting.

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