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Install Publicly Signed SSL Certificate (https) for SOA / Web Services

This article describes the process of ordering & installing an SSL secure certificate for your " SOA / Web Services" website -- the place where GoLightly connects to . If you are instead interested in running your community website with an SSL secure certificate, see the article "Adding Secure SSL Certificate to Your Community".

Note: This must be from a certificate authority -- cannot be self-signed

Who Installs: Your solution provider or internal IT staff
Where: Your iMIS server
How Long: 45 - 75 minutes

These are the steps required for us to complete the installation:

Step 1: Send your Solution Provider the following information.

Country Name (2 letter code):
State or Province Name (full name):
Locality Name (eg, city):
Organization Name (eg, company):
Organizational Unit Name (eg, section):
Common Name (eg, YOUR website's URL):
Email Address:

For example:
Country Name (2 letter code): US
State or Province Name (full name): District of Columbia
Locality Name (eg, city): Washington
Organization Name (eg, company): GoLightly Association
Organizational Unit Name (eg, section): Technology Services
Common Name (eg, YOUR website's URL): community.golightly.org
Email Address: support@golightly.com

Step 2: Your Solution Provider will send you a ".csr" text file
Your Solution Provider's engineering staff will create a text file (and send it to you via email) that you will need in order to purchase an SSL certificate from your registrar or other major SSL certificate provider. Some Solution Providers can directly purchase this SSL certificate for you, so that you don't need to do any of the remaining steps.

Step 3: Purchase SSL certificate and email your Solution Provider a link to it
SOA / Web Services can support any SSL security level above 1024. Once you have purchased an SSL certificate, please email a link to where it can be downloaded by your Solution Provider so that it can be installed on the server that powers the EntityService.svc page (the connection point for SOA / Web Services). We recommend purchasing a multiple year certificate in order to avoid the expense of installing a new SSL certificate every year. We also recommend that you schedule a reminder to renew this SSL certificate the month before it comes due, as it is the responsibility of your organization to make sure your SSL certificate is up-to-date.

Step 4: Your Solution Provider will install your SSL certificate
Your Solution Provider's engineering staff will install your certificate and notify you by email.

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